MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo and Riri Woo

IMG_3046Shine bright like a diamond..

Shine bright like a diamond..

First of all, I didn’t get Riri Woo because of Rihanna. I like her and I think she’s very talented but I got Riri Woo because I looove Ruby Woo and I want to see what an inspired lipstick looks like. Do you get what I mean? Riri Woo, a lipstick inspired by Ruby Woo, is the first product to be released in the Riri x MAC collab. I get that it’s limited edition but I didn’t expect it to be so hyped up to the point that you can only purchase 1 per transaction (via MAC). Has it always been like that for limited edition collections? Anyway, I just got lucky that I was able to purchase this from Your Unica Hija. MAC will be relaunching this in June, if you’re interested to get one.

My interest in lipsticks has just begun (hopefully, it won’t turn into an obsession) and along with it is the hunt for the perfect red. Red, as I’ve said so many times, is the color that I wear the least simply because it’s too bold and eye-catching. I admire those who can pull-off a red pout. They ooze in confidence! I, on the other hand, think too much of what people may say and that’s what’s hindering me from wearing that color. So as a 2013 NY’s resolution, I promised myself that I will be more open and confident with whatever I wear and one way to do that is to do things I’ve never done before! Wear red lipstick. I bought my first red lipstick from the MAC x Marilyn Monroe Collection, Deeply Adored. I chose that one because it’s a deep red shade and I thought I’d rather go dark than bright to be safe. However, I wanted a red lipstick that I can wear no matter what the occasion and glad I found it in Ruby Woo.


Ruby Woo vs Riri Woo

IMG_3063Ruby Woo is described as a matte, vivid blue-red aka Retro Matte. It’s insanely pigmented and opaque that in a few swipes, you already have a red, bold pout. As it is very matte, it takes effort in the application as it can tug and pull on the lips. The good thing about this dry formulation is that it clings to your lips for a long period of time. Not a lot of lipstick can stay intact and decent for more than 4 hours. No need to blot your lips when using this lipstick!

IMG_3065Riri Woo is inspired by Ruby Woo. Apparently, this is Rihanna’s favorite lipstick. By definition, it’s a matte cool red with a retro finish. Riri and Ruby share the same characteristics but differ slightly on the darkness that probably only lipstick junkies or those with a keen eye can tell. The packaging in which this is housed in is similar with the regular lipstick’s tube.

IMG_3066Can you see the difference now? Aside from Riri’s etched signature, it appears to me that Ruby Woo is brighter by a bit while Riri Woo is slightly darker. They both look matte on the swatch too.

Can you tell me which one is Ruby Woo and Riri Woo? Let me know your answers in the comments below!


I’m happy with Ruby Woo and it’s my perfect red for now. It’s a very flattering shade and would suit most, if not all, skin tones. It’s the kind of red that makes your teeth look white. But because of the drying formula, I suggest to exfoliate your lips so it won’t cling to dry patches when you apply this on. If you find it difficult to wear because it doesn’t glide smoothly, wear a lip balm underneath. It’ll dry anyway.

I like to keep everything else simple when wearing a bright lip color such as this. I think everyone knows that rule. I wear neutral eye makeup or eyeliner and mascara and very minimal blush to balance out the colors on my face.

For me, if you already have Ruby Woo then it’s not big of a loss if you don’t get Riri Woo. They look and feel the same. You can hardly tell the difference. If I go back to this post a year from now and ask myself which is which, I probably would get it wrong! Besides, Ruby Woo is readily available in stores and you don’t have to be up all night in front of the computer just to buy it. It’s a different case if you’re a die-hard Rihanna fan. I would understand if you’d go the extra mile for this tube.

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24 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo and Riri Woo

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    • Yup! You’ll only notice the diff if you really pay attention to it. I wish Rihanna made a lipstick that has a significant difference or with a more personal touch than trying to “replicate” Ruby Woo. It’s just me, I guess. :/

  2. I think I might like Ruby Woo a bit better because I already have a blue based red that leans a bit darker like Riri. You look stunning xx

    • Ruby Woo is my fave, so far. It has the right redness to it without your lips looking fire truck red :) Thank you!:)

  3. omg, such a lovely red liptick!! want want! I can see what you mean about ruby woo being a tiny bit brighter! red lipstick really suits you! you look lovely <3

  4. Great post Tina. I was interested in knowing the difference between the two. Riri looks slightly bluer that ruby. Is it the one in the left? Thanks for the info!

    • Me too, that’s why I got Riri for comparison. Riri is on the left! Great eye! :) Hope you’re having a great vacation!:) Thank you!!! :)

  5. You look great on both. I wont guess because they’re already written on the comments but I don’t think I’ll be getting Riri Woo. I’ll just get Ruby Woo instead. You should wear more read. You definitely look pretty :)

  6. I was looking for a comparison between riri and ruby by a Filipino blogger and I found this. :)

    I am more of a peachy-pink/coral/bright pink kind of girl and I just started my obsession over MAC lipsticks! So far I have 12, but I don’t have a single red. I was torn between ruby and riri and this helped me a lot. I am not really a huge fan of riri, so I think I’ll pick up ruby woo at a regular price than buying an overpriced lipstick. Imagine shops selling riri at 1300-1900 Php!

    I hope to find my perfect red in ruby woo. :) they look great on you btw. If I may ask, do you still use a lipliner when using red lipsticks? If yes, what liner do you use? Thank you in advance!

    • Thank you for finding this helpful :) You can check Ruby Woo and Russian Red and see which you prefer. Both are matte :) I just got my tube of RR but haven’t tried it out yet so I can’t give full details but they look quite similar on the tube :) I don’t apply lip liner but I purchased some from Essence and they seem to work just fine (affordable too) :))

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